The Progressive Audit and Targeted Audit programs are designed to allow flexibility in auditing practices, but to ensure standardization of the processes and standardization of end user outputs.

The audit tools are designed to control Root Cause/Corrective Action traceability ensuring all records are retained in one excel based file.

End users can link related documents depending on where the on-line systems files are located at the end-user's facility thereby ensuring that all identified opportunities, all corrective action supporting information can be maintained in a specific location with all related data in one place.  

See the PowerPoint presentation included on this page.  

Progressive Audit Program:

The Progressive Audit is designed to work top down or bottom up throughout the entire Management System of an organization from incorporating the Industry Standards of AS9100 to Business Effectiveness and Metrics Review to Capacity Planning and Production Readiness Review to the Manufacturing Process Review.

It includes a "variable" review where questions are pulled from the various 4 sectors and then finally, it has a short review for serial production.  

Each Module has 75 questions, broken down into 6 categories.  Some categories are 10 questions in length, others are 15 questions in length and combined, you theoretically can develop an audit program that independently reviews a total of 450 individual items.  

Couple this with our Targeted Audit Process and the amount of individual validations of compliance and effectiveness is virtually limitless.  

We designed these tools allowing for quick modification to reduce auditor boredom and auditee expectation of "pre-planned audits".  

If your organization is truly interested in process improvements and driving down the cost of poor quality using your audit tools as one method, we believe our process to be the most robust out there because we designed these with your flexibility in mind.  

Though both the Progressive Audit Tool and Targeted Audit Tool are similar in construction, our Targeted Audit Program is designed for more flexibility as your QMS Internal Audit Program will most likely remain fairly static in form and processes; whereas the construct of the audits will most likely remain the same.  Only your questions will change if your desire is to customize your audits and vary what business processes you want to review based on the processes themselves as they apply to your Internal Audit Program and finding value in your processes as a whole to the AS91XX standards.  

The Targeted Audit Tool is designed for you to change the context of any audit, but maintaining the same construct of the audit presentation and formatting of outputs.     

Aviation Quality Professionals, LLC can construct audits for you, based on your standards, your requirements or based on industry requirements and/or customer requirements.  

We do this for an additional fee, and if you contract with us for this service, we'll include the Targeted Audit Tool at no cost to you.  

Examples of audits we've constructed for organizations are included in the graphic shown.   

We've developed audits for AS9103, variation management, Software Control, Contract Review, Design Control, Corrective Action processes, Control of Non-Conforming Product processes, FOD Control programs, Small Parts Hardware Control Programs, Tool Control Programs and we can customize audits for your business.  

We also provide for Internal Auditing Services, Supplier Surveillance, Supplier Qualification activities.  Or, you can purchase our tool and develop your own audits.     

We provide for an overall score based on meeting all requirements and proving effectiveness within the defined processes.  

We graphically compare the final score to identify areas of weakness amongst the 6 main categories.  

Management can readily see where within their processes reviewed their weaknesses are that are areas of concern and where improvements can be made or need to be made with defined parameters and scope based on the questions provided for the audit.  

Keeping in mind, Manager's can design their questions to ensure a robust audit process that returns value to the organization.    

We designed this on a 0 to 2 point scoring system where 0 indicates the individual question has no conformity, no records, no defined process.  1 indicates a process may be defined, or their are records but there's a nonconformity identified or the process is demonstrated as incomplete.  A 2 indicates the process is well defined, the records are complete and the process is conforming as defined.  

Our instructions are defined within the checkboxes provided for each question.   

Categories are assigned within the "My Page" which is a hidden page so that end users do not alter those pages inadvertently.  

Saving a file under various names can allow a manager of the audit program to design audits under a variety of programs and requirements.  

Questions are activated on an individual basis whereas if a question is not applicable to a specific process or requirement, the auditor can simply uncheck the box and the question will have no affect on the overall score for the category nor for the overall score of the audit, allowing for flexibility in audit design during the audit process itself.              

When Action Items are identified, the Tools provide for a Summary Button to compile all the Action Items (Corrective Actions) onto one sheet that can be controlled for progress of all the action items through close out and customer sign-off if your customer requires sign-off on corrective actions that are identified on their requirements or their processes/specifications.  

Watch our 30 minute video on how our tool works and how it can aid your organization in developing audits that will build your returns on your business initiatives and conformity to your requirements as well your customer requirements.  

AVIATION QUALITY PROFESSIONALS, LLC can and will work with you to ensure your programs, your suppliers return value to you and your customers.           

Contact us at Aviation Quality Professionals, LLC at (727) 815-3995 for further information or write us at